Day 7: Paris

went to supermarket near hotel
>bought bagette, meat, cheese and butter to make sack lunch for today and tomorrow
>got chocolate croissant, apple croissant, snack bars, and soda also
>got conditioner so our hair can be fabulous once again
>woman at self check out was a big turd, didnt let us go through with 2 people with less than 10 items
made sandwiches for lunch
went to Cheateu de Versailles
>went to the gardens first and seen many great fountains (not activated) statues and flore.
>saw stray cats all over
>saw slugs all over
>went inside the chateau (waited in big line)
>weather was perfect
>got in chateu and wasn't as great as the gardens
>need to go on the weekend to see fountains on for better pictures because fountains are ON.
>ate lunch in gardens
>got stamps for post cards
>huge hair/dust balls in Varsailles building, dont know why
Hung around Ville de Varsailles (town around Versailles)
>went to post office to mail post cards
>got ice cream and another sanwich deal at a sandwich shop (didnt have duck patee sandwich :( )
Almost missed train pack to Paris, didnt have the correct pass, had to run to McDonalds to get change for pass back into town.
>nicholas wanted to hop the train but on the other side of the gate was a military police with a dog :o
Hobo on train that smelled really bad and had a piss bottle
got another bueno bar, even though steven wanted a LION bar
Cpouple people we seen around where we were today had little cobs of corn they were eating. no big deal