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Day 3: London

went to Harrod's
>Had toy kingdom area
>giant camel/bear/lion
>harry potter shyt
>lego movie ship
>samples of macaroons were wonderful
went to Kensington gardens + hyde park
>seen squirrel that jumped on us for food.
>Egyptian geese everywhere
>park was huge and secluded from city
>thinking about naming our boy Steffan if was has baby
>baby charles birthday recently
>walked Princess diana memorial trail and other sites
went to Piccadilly circus
>floating hellboy/yoda
>mad hatter
had a cucumber salmon sammy from Tesco Express
Found ethnic part of London
>ate chinese food with no duck.
>next to Notting Hill
got super kool pics at night of picadilly and Ben
>McDonnalds has piccadilly synced app on jumbotron screen
had a filo biscuit/ custard pastry that was wonderful. named: Mille-feuille
went to a market sale area that was selling manythings including pop-up paper cards "awllo!"
caught last train out for our station
got 100 coffees from the machine at Citadines "Nes-cafe?"
need to get cornTEA from certin place in town
walked from notting hill to parlament ( one side of london to the other!)