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Day 4: London

rode top of double decker buss :3
lego buss stop near Carnaby street
went to carnaby street where there were shops
>one was a cake shop with wonderful cakes and other chocolates and goods (Chocywoccydoodah)
went to Chinatown LONDON
Steven had crispy quarter duck, he was sooper happy
had another tesco sammy, picnic in Trafalger square
steven got his CORN tea
Had Scotch Egg
seen a march on Parliment through Trafalger square
went to british portrait gallery
>seen vangogh sunflower painting
went back to france
got to train just in time
sleepy time on eurostar
first class on Eurostar, had wine and meals (Cheese platter with super awesome crumb cake)
check in didnt work at first, gave us an occupied room
security guy wasnt having it
seen a rat
much graffitti where we were staying
seen hobo village
ghetto Paris
nowhere is open after a certain time in Paris
Hotel is giant
>room is ok, but no kitchen.
>separate room for bathroom