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Day 5: Paris

Went to Paris, road the terrible subway.
road double decker sub train
went and had a tuna/hardboiled egg sammy and a savory crepe with cheese and chorizo
saw St. Micheals fountain
saw Notre Dame and took pictures of all gargoyles, didnt go in.
made it to the Famous LOCK bridge and locked our lock to it and threw the keys in river
met several other gay couples at the bridge
walked down the Seine River
little kid peeing in the grass near the Seine river
wrote on chalk wall our names
Had lamb kabob
stumbled onto the tour de France (Nicholas slept on the floor to wait for it)
walked forever
got sweaty and hot
ordered 2 pizzas and shoudl have ordered one - had capers and ancovies
Peach frozen yogurt - woman inside liked that we asked if she spoke English
seen the Eiffel tower courtyard and the eiffel tower itself (didnt go up)
eiffel tower lit up and sparkled at night
had bueno bars NUMNUM
had trouble finding train home
woman on bus called Nicholas "Madamme" to get us off the train
everything is super expencive

(France is a hole)(true Brit at heart)(long live the queen)(soda is more valuable than currency)(soda IS the new currency)(steven rambling)